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What is GalaXseeds?

GalaXseeds is a FREE massively multiplayer online game. In addition to exploring amazing worlds, you get to create your own character, customize your room, earn wealth and fame by raising Plants and help save the galaxy from the evil Spaceticides!

What is the game all about?

Tucked away in the weirdest corner of infinite space, you'll find GalaXseeds - a system of planets that are inhabited by strange and wonderful gardeners called Seedizens.

As a Seedizen, you live in your own little Pod complete with a garden where you grow your bizarre Plants. Through growing and selling Plants you earn Botanickels, which can be spent on everything from Seeds to outfits to furniture to tools. By combining different Seeds and growing conditions you can create new Plants that are more amazing ... and more valuable!

What kind of world would this be if Seedizens couldn't interact with each other? In GalaXseeds, you can talk to other Seedizens using the safe chat system, play mini games with them, trade with them, and even visit their Pods. There are also Clan missions that can only be completed when Seedizens work together!

Why should I play GalaXseeds?

You shouldn't! There are plenty of other fun things to do in the real world, like mowing the lawn, shoveling the driveway, or flossing. And I hear the dog needs a bath. Hop to it!

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